Wow! Microsoft should just do xbox

Ads for most Microsoft products are often dull if not just stupid.

But this ad for a game on their xbox is one of the best ads ever. I just saw this on ESPN – the whole thing – and it made my mouth drop. It is one of the most awesome ads I have ever seen – a wonderful mixture of the analog (a car driving at 120 mph) and the digital (a racing game), using some of the oldest technology for creating a movie (a zoetrope).

Holy crap. I would never have expected that from Microsoft. It is more like an iconic Apple ad than something from Microsoft.

But then, this is the games division of MS.

It is as I have said, the best MS products come from the games division. The most innovative hardware (kinect is awesome) and now its best ads. Just give up on the rest and go games console/TV set top full time.

If MS let go of Windows and Office and really disrupted with xbox, it might have a path forward.