Toronto writer gets iPhones fingerprint ID humorously wrong

facepalmby Stjernqvist90

iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor gets completely misunderstood
[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)]

This article from the Toronto Star, giving 10 reasons the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint reader is a “bad idea,” has been making the rounds over the past couple of days. It’s been almost universally derided — and rightly so, because it reads like it was written by someone who’s never even held an iPhone before.

While the level of out-there wacky on this story may be atypically high, the core issue is all too common; this is the sort of brain-dead article that always comes out any time an Apple product includes technology that’s new, or not yet popular (as noted, fingerprint ID is neither new in general nor new on a smartphone).

Someone in the media who knows nothing about tech consults a so-called “expert” who’s never been in the same room with the device under discussion, much less held it in his hand, and we’re “treated” to a conveniently-formatted Top Ten (reasons x) list of why (Apple technology y) will lead to the end of life as we know it.

All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again. That’s what makes my job so much fun.


Read the whole thing. The manner in which the original article was wrong is simply ludicrous.

The original article gets things so ludicrously wrong, including #8 – “This is targeted only for one market: People not concerned about security won’t care.”

As I and others have said, fingerprint ID is more than just security to unlock the phone – it ties the phone to you, authenticating not only access to apps but to say credit card information.

Credit card transactions now become MORE secure than a plastic card – the information never leaves your presence and only you have access.

You will no longer have this set of events: a waiter bringing you the check, you giving them the card, their return to the POS terminal, their return back to you with a receipt to sign, your trying to read what the receipt says in bad light, figuring out the tip, your signing the receipt and them taking that back to the register.

You will pull out your iPhone, press your finger on the home button, select the receipt from the restaurant’s app, click which card to pay it with, have the tip automatically calculated,click ‘Pay’ and it is done.

Lots of people will care about that.