Apple enhances TCP. Could tcpcrypt be far behind?

Apple found to be using advanced Multipath TCP networking in iOS 7

[Via AppleInsider]

After iOS 7 launched on Wednesday, it was discovered that Apple included a new networking protocol called Multipath TCP in the next-gen operating system, allowing devices like the iPhone to simultaneously use multiple interfaces such as cellular and Wi-Fi to transfer data.


So Apple becomes the first to implement a protocol that makes it easier to send data by finding the best path. I wonder if this will help with things like iBeacons? 

One of the comments here mentions tcpcrypt, which can be used to create end-to-end encryption. Here is a little history:

It has been said that the US National Security Agency (NSA) blocked the implementation of encryption in the TCP/IP protocol for the original ARPANET, because it wanted to be able to listen in on the traffic that crossed that early precursor to the internet. Since that time, we have been relegated to always sending clear-text packets via TCP/IP. Higher level application protocols (i.e. ssh, HTTPS, etc.) have enabled encryption for some traffic, but the vast majority of internet communication is still in the clear. The Tcpcrypt project is an attempt to change that, transparently, so that two conforming nodes can encrypt all of the data portion of any packets they exchange.

Because it happens deep in the OS, it becomes available to all applications by default. and it has been described as great to use in mobile applications.

Now I wonder why Apple might want to have such a strong encryption on mobile devices and wireless communications?