Others support my reasons for not caring about the new Star Trek Universe

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Please don’t try to turn the Star Trek movies into Deep Space 9
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One of the things that surprised many viewers of Star Trek Into Darkness is that the film portrayed a less than virtuous Starfleet, something some folks have likened to the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But Deep Space Nine‘s portrayal of Starfleet reflects that series’ role in the larger Star Trek universe and doesn’t belong in the movies—at least not yet.


The article pretty well nails it. When one of the new creators talks about there being a cancer on the Federation, he demonstrates a lack of understanding why Star Trek mattered.

Instead, the second film radically altered the nature of Starfleet—at the hands of Alexander Marcus, who is the head of Starfleet—and made that the focus of its story.

I have agreed with this since I saw the movie. I will not ever watch another Star Trek movie as long as JJ Abrams andhis writers continue down this road.

Their approach radically alters the nature of the entire Star Trek Universe with absolutely no rationale behind it. All so it can reverse the roles of Spock and Kirk from Wrath of Khan.

And put a nutcase in charge of Starfleet.

There is simply no explanation of how such a psychopath could not only rise to the top of Starfleet but create a secret military base without anyone knowing. (A secret base whose security is so bad that Scottie is able to sneak in.)

It made the new Federation not only nothing like the Federation of Star Trek but also extremely stupid. STID has not earned any of its moments.It has not earned any of its ;twists.; It exists only to warp other movies, not too move in its own direction.

The movie should have been about the effect on the Federation of the loss of Vulcan – the aliens who moved mankind into a greater universe. And entire planet is lost. Yet this is hardly mentions in the rush to redo the Wrath of Khan.

Heck, even Star wars deals more poignantly with the destruction of Princess Leia’s planet and she is the only one we know from it. The loss of Vulcan and the diaspora of its people could have been an amazing movie. 

Instead we get lover’s spats between Uhura and Spock. We get Carol Marcus in underwear. 

They could have shown us something unique, a fresh take on the Star Trek universe with a modern sensibility  Instead, we get a ‘gotcha’ filled version of a 30 year old movie with the wrong guy yelling “Khan.”

Think how much a story with the foundation of a lost Vulcan would have impacted and driven the actors. Instead we get to see Spock run across roof tops, pummeling the bad guy with his fists, as tens of thousands of civilians die because the Enterprise smashes into San Francisco..

Star Trek was about being ‘out there’ on the edge of the known. Having to make due and live without support from the nearest planet. These two new movies have had none of that. They are all politics and hurt feelings.

Instead of “Wagon Train to the Stars“, we get some futuristic buddy movie, more a “Lethal Weapon to the Stars.”  I’d have enjoyed Mel Gibson in that movie with Danny Glover as his sidekick on the bridge.

Let me ask this – in what Navy anywhere would the captain of such a ship evert be allowed back in command? There would be a tremendous investigation and, even though it might be shown they did what they could, neither Spock nor Kirk would ever be allowed to command a star ship, based on how poorly they have done so far.

No sane organization could risk it. But then, this Federation is not apparently sane.

A crazy, stupid, Federation is not very interesting. It makes for easy drama but not one where the dramatic moments are earned.

The only officer who actually demonstrated the leadership skills to be a captain was Scottie. Maybe that should be the real twist. demote Kirk to ensign and show us Scott in charge as a true leader.

Maybe there is a chance:

J.J. Abrams confirmed earlier this week that he won’t be directing the next Star Trek movie. If we do get another film in this new timeline, I implore the next director: If you want to tell a darker, grittier story with Star Trek, go head and have a blast. But if you want to present the darker side of Starfleet, please be sure that you’ve earned those story moments first.

So Abrams is out. Glad to see that. There might be hope. Maybe they will get someone who actually likes science to create a science fiction movie.


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