Feynman’s lecture book online. How far can you make it in before becoming lost?

richard feynmanby stephenphampshire

Read Richard Feynman’s physics lectures for free online
[Via io9]

Physicist Richard Feynman was particularly famous for his lectures, which were known for being an engaging and accessible introduction to a number of scientific topics. Now Volume One of The Feynman Lectures is available in its entirety online.


The first volume are well worth reading by almost anyone. At least attempting to. While you may not understand all he teaches, his playful fun at learning is always there.

It always gave me the HOPE I might be able to understand. That is really important.

Anyway, it was mainly  the second book (mainly electromagnetism and matter where had problems. And volume III on quantum mechanics was just something to fill out the set. I’ve never had to work my way thought that one because I quickly learned I did not want to become a physicist.

But I did sit in on some of his lectures  – he taught Freshman Physics for those who were going to be physics majors. Still a highlight of my life.

You can get a sense of what it was like by watching these videos, courtesy of Bill Gates.