Do the new iPhones hint at what wearable technology will be?

heart monitorby Rennett Stowe

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I ‘watched’ the Apple Keynote on Tuesday as per usual. And yes I plan to replace my 2-year old iPhone 4s. My immediate impression after the event: nice phone, fingerprint authentication is cool, 64-bit is great. But overall an iterative not innovative launch.

On Wednesday, I caught up on my reading. If you have not, check out these three stories:


The key point is that the iPhone succeeded not because it was a smartphone but because it was a computer. Few others seem to have taken this as much to heart as Apple.

I wrote earlier in the year that the iWatch was not going to be a watch, I said:

What Apple is doing here is putting the display into a totally different space physically than the computer. Now the computation power can be anywhere in any form. and the display can be anywhere – the wrist, the arm, even a flexile sheet.

What Apple is working on are low-power operations to transmit data wirelessly. Something like the M7 could be placed in a wearable device, collecting data and read to transmit it to the iPhone (or other computer) when needed.

Look, when people go running, they are not carrying a heavy iPhone. But a small device that can be worn will work nicely.

And it can be hooked up to all sorts of possible data streams, like heart beats, oxygen levels, etc.

We shall see.