Why would people line up in front of an Apple store when nothing has been announced?

apple store new yorkby kalleboo

First customers already in line for new iPhones Apple has yet to announce
[Via AppleInsider]

The first iPhone line waiters have already staked their claim outside New York’s iconic Fifth Ave Apple Store, camping in front of the shop’s jumbo glass gemstone a full four days before the company will formally acknowledge the new products exist.

Only Apple would cause people to wait in line before any product has even been announced! Now clearly, one group looks to be doing this for promotional reasons. But the other two are clearly fans.

Of course, they all now have their pictures in the media and are minor celebrities. And that is because the media loves to include anything with the word Apple in the title.

So it is a win-win.

I expect the Onion to come out with an article about someone camping out permanently in front of the NY store, so they will always be first for anything!