Google iOS app update deletes account data – bug or feature?

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Google Authenticator for iOS update wipes all on-board account data
[Via AppleInsider]

Google on Tuesday rolled out an update for its Google Authenticator two-step verification app, reworking the title to support Apple’s Retina display and the iPhone 5’s four-inch screen, but at the same time erasing all account data saved on the device.


The purpose of the Authenticator is to make it easier to create secure connections for transactions.

If those tokens are deleted, you have to recreate new secure connections, sometimes through 3rd parties, which can take a bit of time, if people have to go through customer support.

If people have a recent backup of their iPhone, they might be able to recreate things. The Android version does not yet have this bug.

I wonder if Google added something in the software that they thought would be a nice feature and it also took out the token databases.

But how does something like this make it through Q&A? Must have been a fun day in California.