Apple’s new TV content strategy – gamechanger or negotiating tactic

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Apple negotiating directly with content providers for new TV product – report
[Via AppleInsider]

In a bid to break a stalemate in its attempt to release a full-fledged television set, Apple has reportedly brought ESPN, HBO, and Viacom to the table and is negotiating directly with content providers, rather than cable companies.


Apple has been trying to work with cable companies in order to get the content through them. That way it could more easily provide a seamless experience – its just like cable.

But if they get ESPN and others directly, then the cable guys ae out of business and people can get their material a la carte. In fact, Apple has enough money to get an exclusive deal with the NFL if it wanted.

A lot of people are beginning to forego cable because of the expense. People wait to stream HBO and other premium content. It is no longer necessary to have a link to content that is always ‘on’ as cable requires.

My favorite new show is Broadchurch on BBCAmerica. You can download the first episode from free from iTunes – do it!

Heck, I know young people who only have cable for their internet. They stream what they want and use an HD antenna to get local channels. That covers 90% of what they want. The rest they just replace with video games.

I’m still not convinced how Apple will survive in a market where margins are so thin. And people upgrade their TV less often than a phone or computer.

So maybe it is all a ploy to get the cable companies to bend a little. We shall see.