Bombshells in England

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Guardian bombshells in an escalating battle against journalism : 
[Via Columbia Journalism Review]

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger filed an astonishing column tonight that shows just how far the British authorities are going to suppress the paper’s NSA/Snowden reporting:


More Tactics of Mistake.

The bombshell to me is that the Guardian has moved most of its reporting on this out of England to America – where First Amendment rights protect prior restraint. We may see the new media disperse their efforts to different places where local processes allow them to work. But they can still publish outside the control of specific countries.

Greenwald is in Brazil, Poiras is in Germany, Snowden is in Russia, etc. It becomes much harder for a central authority in any one country to have a totally devastating effect,

One reason civil disobedience works in liberal democracies is that the response of central authority usually results in some event that is shocking to the conscience of its own members. We are seeing something similar here, I think.

A lot of reporters are beginning to push back, even asking the right questions for once.

We need this.