Cops and marijuana in Seattle – Doritos and secondhand smoke

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Seattle cops to deal Doritos and information at Hempfest 
[Via  Local News | The Seattle Times]

They’re calling it “Operation Orange Fingers.” Really.

Seattle police will hand out bags of Doritos at Hempfest on Saturday.


 Sounds kind of cute until I got to this:

Some officers don’t even want to wade into Hempfest, Whitcomb said, because they’re concerned about breathing in secondhand smoke and testing positive for pot.

Despite the state law, Seattle officers can’t use pot off-duty because marijuana use remains a federal violation and cops take an oath to uphold federal law, he said.

So would blowing smoke from a joint into the face of a cop be considered assault? Could it cause him to lose a job or would it become a convenient excuse – like poppy seeds.

Some lawyers are going to make a bundle on this.