More bandits in charge – legislators free to speed and illegaly park – means a business opportunity

license plateby Joelk75

Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them ‘Invisible’ To Traffic Cams And Parking Tickets
[Via Techdirt]

There are rules for the common people and rules for their “leaders,” and only in rare cases do the same rules cover both. Chris Morran at the Consumerist points out how politicians (yet again) are being allowed to ignore the same laws that affect their constituents. Colorado legislators are immune from speeding tickets and parking tickets thanks to the special plates issued to lawmakers — ones that aren’tincluded in the DMV database.

According to CBS Denver, the info for these particular license plates is never entered into the DMV database, so when some state senator goes zooming by a speed camera, he or she won’t get a ticket, because the camera system looks up the license plate number through the DMV. Since no info comes up, no ticket is given.

This appears to be true for parking tickets as well. See, even though a parking enforcement officer might leave a ticket on the car, cities like Denver that rely on the DMV for addresses of vehicle owners come up empty when they try to collect on those tickets.


Their license plate numbers are never entered in the Colorado DMV databases. So there is no way to collect on any tickets because a search of the databases reveals nothing.

So they never have to pay a ticket because no one can pull their numbers.

I wonder how many other states have this same ‘loophole?’

Seems like ti would be relatively easy for a citizen group to crowd source a database WITH the license numbers of the legislators, maybe with pictures of the cars. Then it becomes a simple matter to match license plates and get the freeloaders.