Corrupt judge to do 23 years

justiceby Dan4th

Judge who accepted private-prison bribes to send black kids to jail sentenced to 28 years
[Via Boing Boing]

In 2009, I wrote about Judge Mark A. Ciavarella, one of two Pennsylvania judges who was paid bribes by a private prison contractor to send black children to prison and keep the for-profit prisons full. Ciavarella, who once sent an African-American child to jail for three months for posting negative comments about her assistant principal on MySpace, has been sentenced to 28 years in prison. He was convicted of racketeering, and has been stripped of his state pension.

But after a federal investigation, it was discovered that Ciavarella and his colleague, Judge Michael Conahan, received more than $2.6 million from privately run youth centers owned by PA Child Care. In 2011, Ciavarella was convicted of racketeering and sentenced to 28 years in prison. He was also forced to pay $1 million in restitution.


The Kids for Cash scandal demonstrates a highly corrupt judicial system. He and another judge received $2.6 million from private prisons and it took a Federal investigation to find this out. Looks like the state failed to provide proper oversight of these corrupt judges.

They sent kids to prison for cash beginning 9 years before the Feds finally stopped them. Nine years kids were sent to prison simply to fill his bank account.

They threw out 4000 cases due to this. I would expect a huge number of civil cases will be coming out of this. One boy killed himself after the judge sentenced him to prison and ruined his life .There is a class action suit in progress.

The owners of the private prisons, the ones who actually paid the $2.6 million look to serve minimal time and pay some fines.