Apple and Washington – bandits are not only running companies

Washington vs. Apple
[Via Daring Fireball]

Steve Friess, Politico:

The company marches to its own iTunes, spending little on lobbying, rarely joining trade associations and, in a pattern that’s become more pronounced this summer, refusing to negotiate or settle in many lawsuits.

Experts say Apple’s tried-and-true approach is starting to backfire, as the company has already taken at least one big hit in a high-profile e-books trial. A recent landmark D.C. appearance by CEO Tim Cook may reflect a new reality for Apple: that direct engagement with lawmakers, regulators and rivals is more effective than trying to remain above it all.

In other words, word on the street in Washington is that it’s a shakedown, pure and simple. The smart move for Apple would be to just pay up, but that’s sad.

Update: Do I believe this? Let’s file my take under “Wait and see”. But it’s worth noting that this piece is from Politico, a DC insider site (if not the DC insider site) — not an Apple site.


One must remember that the most dangerous bandits may not be running companies but are sitting in the seats of power, doing harm to others as they help themselves.