An intelligent running the Washington Post?

Amazon’s Bezos to buy ‘Washington Post’ for $250M
[Via USAToday]

In a transaction rich in symbolism, digital billionaire Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of, has agreed to buy one of the nation’s best and best-known legacy media publications, The Washington Post.

Bezos, who is paying $250 million in cash, is handling the deal individually, and the fabled newspaper will not be part of online retailer


In my rough filter for whether a CEO is a member of the intelligent or of the bandits, I look at how they treat Wall Street. Most CEOs are bandits, looking to get more from Wall Street as they enrich themselves. So what Wall Street thinks makes a big difference.

CEOs like Jobs, Bezos and even Zuckerberg all pretty much tell Wall Street to pound sand, just in differnt ways.

None seemed to care about what Wall Street thinks, running the companies as they saw fit, not what Wall Street demanded. Noe are looking for an exit point. This is their life.

So if Bezos is mostly intelligent, then what will happen if he is running the Washington Post? COuld be interesting.