Samsung changes processor speed for benchmark programs but not other programs

lcd monitorby creecher94

AnandTech Catches Samsung Cheating on Galaxy S4 Benchmarks
[Via Daring Fireball]

Shocking that a company as scrupulous as Samsung would resort to this. Shocking.

It turns out that Samsung plays a little fast and loose with its processors. Knowing that the first thing people do is to run a benchmark program to see how fast it is.

So, when the computer sees such a program, it drives its processors at the highest speed available. But when other programs, like the usual ones we use, are loaded, the processors drop to half the speed from 1 GHz to 500MHz.

This seems really obnoxious. People think they are getting computers that are fast because of the benchmarks but really are up to twice as slow as expected.

Caveat emptor/