Apple changes everything – could the iWatch actually be more an iDoctor?

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Rumored Apple hires from medical sensor field could hint at ‘iWatch’ capabilities
[Via AppleInsider]

Apple has allegedly hired a number of experts in the field non-intrusive medical sensors, ranging from vein mapping to glucose tracking, potentially revealing some of the company’s interests in developing a wrist-worn smart accessory.


This is more than just fitness data.

There is fierce competition coming from the ability to determine personal health characteristics using a hand held device. Scanadu is working on one such device. There are many others.

Many are looking to connecting wireless with a mobile device to offload data. What happens when we carry the device around with us, say on our wrist?

A device that can see a heart attack coming before it happens. Or that wirelessly connects and transmits data on a wide variety of medical functions, including brain electrical behavior.

How about being able to detect a cold coming on 3-4 days before symptoms occur? or a wider variety of disease biomarkers from patches connected to mobile devices? At the moment, these devices can only look at about 5 things at once and they are sort of large. But that will change.

It looks likely that almost anything we can detect in the blood or sweat will be accessible to wearable moitors that connect wirelessly to a mobile device.

Perhaps the iWatch will lead the way here. Make more sense than just a watch.

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