Why I have been away – Consider the Facts

How the asteroid saved mankind

I have not been posting much recently because of what will happen in less than 30 minutes. I’ve got a crowdfunding project that will go live at 10 AM EDT.

Called Consider the Facts: moving people to deliberative thought  it is the first research project in my goal to create community-driven research projects. 

I’ve got a blog devoted to the project as well as a Facebook page. Please visit and like me.

This project will examine the ability of simple narratives to alter how people view the world around them. Many people use rapid rules of thumb to deal with a complex world, rather than deep, deliberative thought. They simply do not have the time or energy to think deeply very often.

This works fine when society is stable and the rules of thumb accurately describe it. 

But us a disruptive, rapidly changing world, these rules of thumb may be dangerously off. And our biology, especially when fear is a factor, tends to force people more and more into destructive, but instinctive behavior.

Like a bait ball, their instincts lead them to behavior that hurts, rather than helps.

This project will look at possible remedies..