Will ARKYD – OUR own FRACKING satellite – make it? It’s in your hands

Dr evilpledges

Come on. Less that 10% of the way to go. This project is for all of us. It is our own satellite.

A People’s Satellite paid for by the people.

We will all be part of history as we near the end of the ARKYD project. Or we will watch as the first direct public funding of a project in low Earth orbit fails.

Don’t be that person who waits too long. $10 will have a huge impact. $99 has the possibility of changing the life of a child while also snagging a once-in-a-lifetime trinket for yourself. 

And if you are any kind of amateur astronomer, there are perks that put you in control of the People’s Satellite.

I started this project as a way to learn about crowd funding while working on something that I believe can have a huge impact on our future.

We are so close to meeting our goal. And one thing I know from crowd funding projects is what a nailbiter the last few days can be.

I need you to just make a couple of clicks and make a difference, while getting something nice for yourself.

If you have already provided support, thanks so much. Now tell everyone in your networks about ARKYD, put it on Facebook and tweet your followers. 

This is something positive in a world full of so much negative.

Be a part of it.