I expect some day the NFL may ban people from their stadiums for safety reasons

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NFL Banning Bags, Purses, Fanny Packs, Seat Cushions From Stadiums
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For the last couple years, the NFL has been trying to get people into stadiums, especially in markets where seats are available but it’s easier and cheaper to sit at home and watch the game on a huge HDTV with surround sound (and no one spilling beer or throwing batteries at you). But the league’s latest move seems intent on keeping people away from stadiums and in the non-invasive comfort of their homes.

The NFL announced yesterday that all league stadiums will ban basically any sort of bag one might consider bringing to a game. This includes purses — though very small, clutch purses would be allowed — backpacks, shoulder bags, computer bags, camera bags, briefcases, coolers, and fanny packs. Oh — and seat cushions too. So your butt will be cold and sore because the NFL has decided, “the large size and because the way seat cushions are constructed would allow them to be used to conceal a potential explosive device.”

Insert your own explosive gas/seat cushion joke here.


So the NFL does not want people to bring in anything to a stadium. It is becoming as bad as the TSA.

When do full body searches arrive?

It costs almost as much  to attend a football game as it does to fly. We may have to travel but not to see a football game in person.

Continuing the NFL’s logic, why have people at the stadium at all? It is safer just to have the players.

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