Huff Post discusses ARKYD, the People’s Satellite


Planetary Resources Kickstarter Wants Your Help Finding Alien Planets
[Via Huffington Post]

Ever wanted to visit an alien planet? The technology to “boldly go where no man has gone before” may not be here yet, but one cutting edge company wants to offer average citizens what it hopes is a close second – the opportunity to join the search for alien worlds.


Now begins the final push. We are really close to the goal but there are many things in the pipeline. Check out the video contest. Or the great stretch goals.

There are also special things for special milestones, such as getting 10,000 supporters. This is a big one.

Having a large base of supporters is probably more important than how much total money is raised. These are people who really, really care.

How about becoming one of them? Your children, grandchildren, friends and even the people you only see in the grocery store will be thankful.