As long as Federighi is at Apple it will be fine

apple wwdcby Compudemano

Apple’s Federighi thrust into spotlight with successful WWDC keynote performance
[Via AppleInsider]

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday, the most stage time wasn’t allotted CEO Tim Cook, or marketing head Phil Schiller, but to Craig Federighi, the software chief who stepped out from his “behind-the-scenes” role and into the spotlight.


I wrote about Federighi a while ago. He was at NeXT with Jobs, came over to Apple  a bit ago and now is the face of all Apple software. I expect we will see much more of him.

What everyone seems to say about him is that he not only gets the programming aspect, he knows how to bring people together to solve problems., even people who are lousy at collaboration.

Rumors were that iOS7 was behind schedule, as was the OS X timeline, and might not even make the unveiling that the developers conference. Yet both were unveiled in very useful ways.

And Apple may need a better ‘spokeperson’ than either Cook, who while brilliant in his balliwick, is not the most inspiring, or Ive, who simply does not want the job.

Here you can see an early example of his coolness, as he reveals his name is “Hair Force One.”

And here he is from Monday, providing the sort of awe-struck observation, mixed with inside jokes, that made Steve Jobs so much fun.

But that is what Jobs had – the ability to bring disparate groups together and get them to produce. Will we see more of him?

I bet we find out.