What happens when our TVs watch us and send the data to the NSA?

NSA Domestic Spying Program Makes Xbox One Even Scarier
[Via American Times]

The government has been spying on US citizens by tapping into the servers of American tech giants according to The Guardian—so much for making privacy a priority.

Revelations that the government has access to all of Verizon’s call ‘metadata’ have widened.

The Guardian is reporting that the government has had essentially unfettered access to the servers of most of the biggest American tech companies since the end of the Bush administration.

This access began in 2007 and includes tech giants like Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.


New computer game consoles will have the ability to determine who is watching games and what they are doing. Biometric data will be collected.

If this is being sent to Microsoft severs, then it appears the NSA will also be collecting them.

Do we really want the government to be able to watch us at home when it wants to? This is a discussion we need to have.