Great. Ridley Scott could ruin another science fiction classic

vlade runnerby jeremiah.andrick

‘Blade Runner 2’ Moves Forward, Ridley Scott Courting Harrison Ford to Reprise Role

Replicants will get a superhero boost in the upcoming sequel to the classic movie “Blade Runner.”

The Wrap reports that director/producer Ridley Scott has chosen “Green Lantern” writer Michael Green to pen the script. Their sources also revealed that the follow-up film will be set “some years after the conclusion of the influential first film.”


What I think he should do is return the favor James Cameron did. Cameron made a sequel to the Scott movie – Alien and Aliens – and it was great. So instead of returning to one of his own movies – and screwing it up like he did with Prometheus – why not take one of Cameron’s and use it.

Like maybe return to the world of Abyss? Or maybe a new Terminator? 

But please do not ruin one of his own movies.