Professor makes a big ‘obese’ ass of himself

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Professor: No Fat Students Need Apply
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Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico, for some reason decided to make himself look like a total asshole by tweeting on Sunday that he would not accept fat grad students because they wouldn’t have enough discipline to finish their thesis:


Then after undoubtedly getting an angry phone call from the dean of his department, he deleted the tweet and backpedaled faster than Deion Sanders:



The university is not happy at all. He claims it was a research project. Considering he has written about how wonderful it will be to use smartphones to perform psychology experiments , I wonder just what sorts of psych experiments he enjoys doing?

It appears that he has one graduate student at the moment. I wonder if he will ever get any more in the future?

Becasue it is tough enough to be a graduate student without having your advisor require you to weigh yourself daily.

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  1. Us illiterates want to know what an evolutionary psychologist is. Is there REALLY such a degree? And can it be applied outside of school? I thought evo bio was strange, but this takes the cake.

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