Denialism knows no political boundaries

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Anti-Vaxxer
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The Kennedy family name is laden with history and brings to mind a definite set of characteristics: glamor, power, intelligence, wealth, influence. Kennedys have had their name on a president, numerous senators, representatives, ambassadors, and other high office holders.

The Kennedy dynasty, if you wish to call it that, has seen its share of triumphs and disasters, of course. I need not go into detail; scores of books have been written about them, from putting humans on the Moon and the championing of civil rights to personal tragedies of assassination, death, scandal, and more.

Most of these issues are in the past. But there is an ongoing problem associated with a Kennedy, one I consider extremely troubling. Specifically it’s with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is an attorney, a radio host, and an environmental activist.

He is also, as it happens, a full-blown anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist.


Read the whole article. Robert Kennedy, Jr. really does a disservice to us all by espousing conspiracy theories every bit as wacky as climate change denialists.

Apparently all the facts are actually presented by fraudulent  scientists working in concert with the government to lie to all of us. Amazing how they both resort to the same conspiracy when facts no longer match their views.

They present their denialism as facts and facts as lies. We need less of them.

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