I wonder who will play Google Executive, Thomas Turvey, in the movie

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Google helps DOJ make first big mistake in Apple ebook trial
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With his arms folded tightly across his chest, Apple’s lead attorney Orin Snyder appeared to seethe as he began to question Thomas Turvey.

Turvey, Google’s director of strategic partnerships, was in federal court in Manhattan as a government witness. He was there to add credibility to the DOJ’s allegation that Apple, one of Google’s biggest rivals, had conspired with five of the nation’s top six book publishers to limit Amazon’s ability to discount books and remove a key competitive advantage. The high-profile antitrust case is likely to help remake the ebook sector and determine who the frontrunners will be.


This is getting really interesting. The cross-examination of the government’s witness – who was supposed to provide credible evidence that Apple forced the publishers into anti-trust behavior – flipped this around, reducing Turvey’s credibility tremendously.

He could not name anyone who told him the facts that he stated in his deposition. Wow.

You know a witness is having a bad day when the judge kindly lets them leave – for now – by saying, “Let’s allow Mr. Turvey to escape so he can enjoy his Thursday.”

I’m not so sure he will enjoy his Friday, Saturday or Sunday. He will be back on Monday. 

Next week will be fun for someone.