Now that police can take our DNA when arrested, will brain scans be far behind?

fmri by twitchcraft

The fMRI As Lie Detector
[Via Big Think]

At a panel discussion at last week’s World Science Festival, scientists and legal experts met to discuss the implication of putting “brains on trial.” According to Stanford neuroscientist Anthony Wagner, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans are now able to detect a lie with between 70 and 90 percent accuracy because of their ability to record changes in specific parts of the brain.


Not that the Supreme Court has said that the government can collect DNA from people who have not been charged with a crime, much less been convicted, how long before fMRI scans are required.

I’m sure the accuracy will improve. The price will come down. Portable versions are being produced that will allow, I am sure, a police department to have on hand a device when interrogating a suspect.

It is less invasive than a DNA swab. So what happens to our rights when we can be scanned against our will and our own brain can be used against us?

“Members of the jury, the brain scan shows definitively that the accused is guilty.”

It is coming, if things continue on this path.