Helping launch a public satellite

PR satelliteThe ARKYD satellite

I’m helping Planetary Resources with a new project called ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone at Kickstarter.

They will launch the first public satellite, one that can be controlled by you and me. One way is for the satellite to take a picture for you. You can upload a selfie (or some other picture) to the satellite. There is a monitor and a camera, placed to it can take a picture of the Earth in the background.

So you can get a documented picture of your choice taken by a satellite you helped pay for.

Other levels allow you to control what  to take a picture of  as well as sponsor classrooms in their explorations.

They need to raise $1 million over the next 30 days. So far, they have raised over $125,000 with more than1000 supporters.

Become part of the new frontier.