No place warmer than Seattle on May 6


Seattle’s 87 matches Phoenix for hottest major city in U.S. Monday | Weather Blog | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | 
[Via KOMO News]

It’s not often Seattle can go toe-to-toe with Phoenix in the hot weather department for the crown of hottest big city in America, but Monday, the Emerald City held its own.

Seattle and Phoenix both reached 87 degrees — smashing the daily record of 79 for Seattle; a few degrees cooler than the normal 91 for Phoenix.

But at least on this particular day, no other major city in the United States could claim to be as warm.


Ten degrees hotter than Houston, where I used to live. Twenty-three degrees warmer than Boulder, where I also used to live.

It was cooler where I live, reaching only 81°F. It’s down to 55 •F right now.

Not often we are so much warmer than the rest of the country. Supposed to cool off somewhat on Tuesday.