Funny changes in Apple share while the rest of us were asleep

Chart: Apple’s wild weekend
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Some strange doings in Apple’s share price while the markets were asleep.

FORTUNE — Can anybody explain what happened to Apple (AAPL) between the close of trading Friday and Monday’s opening bell?

I can almost wrap my mind around the 4.55 million shares traded at exactly 4:00 p.m. Friday and the temporary $3.08 drop one clock tick later. A bunch of Apple weekly options had just expired, and the market had a ton of trades to unwind.


Here is the graph:


The telling peak is at 4 am on Monday when over a million shares changed hands and the stock spiked to $429, virtually the same price the stock reached by noon today. Could someone have known because they knew the stock was going to reach that point soon? Someone was going to manipulate the stock to that point?

The stock is now at about $431.