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Google dual screen watch patent 
[Via : The Droid Guy]

The Financial Times reports that Google might be working on a smart watch of its own, and we had already reported that yesterday. But this new report unveils a lot more. We had reported earlier that Google’s Android team is working on a smart watch, and this is all we knew. But today’s report unveils a patent that Google had applied for in 2011, and granted to Google in 2012.


Right. I want to read emails on a really small display from a watch like the one pictured. Or to flip out a second display. Wouldn’t taking out my smart phone be much easier? How useful is a device that can only show a handful of letters at a time?

I just do not see how people will want a small display device to read emails and such. And look at the picture. It has a winding stem on the side?

I predict that what Google has in mind looks nothing like this.