Another in a continuing series of Bad Business Models

The iPad may soon have competition in the education sector
[Via Ars Technica]

Amplify released a video with a product demonstration of its upcoming Android tablet aimed toward education.

Joel Klein, former Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education and now head of News Corporation’s Amplify education unit, announced today at the South by Southwest Education conference in Austin, Texas that the company will release an Android tablet catered to the classroom. “The last thing we need is another pile of used laptops at the back of the classroom,” Klein told Fast Company. He added that the new Amplify tablet will be a “fully integrated teaching and learning solution.”


It’s $299 with a required $99 a year subscription. So, the similar iPad costs $399 for schools. So no real price break.

But the interesting thing is this:

The New York Times reports that the company is hoping school districts use grants from the Education Department’s Race to the Top program to help pay for the devices.

So, News Corps expects schools to pay for these devices using government money. Now that is a business model of a true capitalist. Good for Murdoch /snark