More about Apple’s wearable accessory

Apple patent allows smartphones to swap location data with an ‘accessory device’
[Via AppleInsider]

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday issued Apple a patent for the two-way communication of location data between a portable media device or handset, and an “accessory device” that can remotely display the information on its screen.


I wrote a few days ago about how the supposed iWatch was really a separation of the display from the computer. No longer would we have to take out our phone to read the display. This could easily cahnge the whole form factor of each.

Now we have an Apple patent application discussing how information can be swapped between an accessory device and a mobile device. Looks to me like this is the sort of thing we will shortly see.

And think of the sorts of accessories that could be included – nanoprojectors to show a presentation  or a movie to a friend; how about a virtual keyboard for input, perhaps displayed on your forearm; high resolution cameras that have all the shakiness removed from the video as we walk.

Google is working on a $1500 set of eyeglasses that actually seem more likely to separate people from the world around them. Apple may be working on a better solution that helps augment the world people interact with. With Google Glasses, everyone knows the user is interacting with the glasses all the time. With Apple’s possible approach, the user can pick and chose when to interact.

And I expect them to do this for less than $1500 dollars. Google seems like technology a small percentage of geeks would like. The possible Apple approach is one that would have more mainstream attractiveness.