We will all buy Apple’s iWatch because it is not really a watch

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Apple patent filing points directly to ‘iWatch’ concept with flexible touchscreen display
[Via AppleInsider]

A patent application discovered by AppleInsider on Thursday reveals Apple is indeed investigating a wearable accessory device that not only boasts a full-length flexible touchscreen display, but conforms to a user’s body through the use of a “slap bracelet” mechanism.


It is not a watch. It is an autonomous display for any sort of computer. And it could be hugely disruptive.

Apple will not just make a watch. Not enough profit margin. And watches are a declining product area. I stopped wearing my watch years ago because my cell phone gave me the time when I needed it.

Look at the pictures and think about this – the goal is not to have something to tell you the time.  It is part of a whole new ecosystem, one that Apple will create and lead.

It is not a watch.

What this article describes appears to be is a wrist or body based input/output device with little computation power itself. It connects wirelessly to the computer. Apple has separated the screen from the computer. At the moment, iPads, iPods and iPhones are all-in-one devices like the iMac. They combine the display and computer in one device.

Cool but limiting. Apple is having a hard time making anything more than incremental changes in the iMac. But what happens when the display – which has its own set of technical considerations – is separated from the computer – with its considerations?

It is not a watch.

What Apple is doing here is putting the display into a totally different space physically than the computer. Now the computation power can be anywhere in any form. and the display can be anywhere – the wrist, the arm, even a flexile sheet.

Think of sitting on the sofa and controlling your smart TV from your wrist. Or controlling your music. Or playing a game. Or printing out something at a remote printer. Or looking at some of your reports from the cloud. Always having the display accessible without having to take it out of your pocket.

Think of walking throughout your house or office, always getting access to what you want wirelessly without really having to carry anything.

It is not a watch. 

And now think about what sorts of computers Apple can create by separating the display from the computer. What form factors can now be achieved by not having the display and computer in the same package? What happens to battery life? 

I expect that the iWatch is not a stand alone product but will be part of a whole new approach to mobile devices. You wear the display of your device, while the device itself is placed somewhere else. And Apple will make you pay for both, which you will love to do.

It is not a watch. It will the first wide step into personal mobile devices, ones that are a part of our body.

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