Great article about the changes the iPad is making in football, including player health

Why The iPad Is The Best Thing To Happen To NFL Safety Since The Football Helmet [Feature]
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At the opening of this year’s NFL season, we looked at how the iPad has become a popular training tool among many NFL teams. With the season over and the Super Bowl just days away, many players, coaches, and fans are already looking ahead towards the NFL draft in the spring and next season.

Next season, Apple’s tablet will be an even bigger part io the NFL and it may even revolutionize parts of the organization and even the sport of football itself. Here’s how.

Ditching Dead Tree For Digital


Teams began adopting the iPad as a replacement for traditional printed playbooks (which can easily top 500 pages and need to be updated and reprinted every week) during the 2011 season.

It’s possible that every team will ditch paper playbooks for iPads

At the beginning of that season, just two teams – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baltimore Ravens – had adopted the iPad as a playbook replacement. This past season, demand for the iPad by NFL teams picked up significantly and the number of teams relying on the iPad as a playbook alternative expanded to fourteen, with other teams reported to be using the iPad to augment traditional playbooks.


Using iPads instead of playbooks is obvious. But is could be its medical uses on the sidelines that make a bigger difference.

Sideline doctors can now not only examinee the health records of the players after an injury but also watch replays of the injury in order to see just what happened. They will be able to make realtime decisions that could affect  the player’s lives.