So hot they had to add new colors to the heat map

Record-breaking heat fuels raging brushfires in Australia
[Via 80beats]

The new year in a large portion of the United States may have gotten off to a cold start, but down under, quite the opposite has been true. Temperatures have been soaring in Australia—so much so that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has had to add new colors to its temperature forecast map, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Its previous temperature range had been capped at 50 degrees—or 122 degrees F.


In this forecast map, the purple blob indicates a forecast for temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C, or 122 degrees. Much of the country has been sweltering at 100 degrees or more.


Wow. Australia is just not anywhere I’d want to live in the summer. The average temperature across all of Australia was almost 105°F. Nasty.