I wonder how effective Walmart will be in selling no-contract iPhones?

walmart signby jason.mundy

Walmart to begin direct iPhone 5 sales with no-contract Straight Talk prepaid plans
[Via AppleInsider]

Big box retailer Walmart announced on Tuesday that it will be selling Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on Jan. 11, with no-contract plans furnished by cell provider Straight Talk Wireless priced at $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data.


Interesting idea. And you can finance the phone for $25 a month until the phone is paid off if you do not want to pay full price. There is only a $45 month for unlimited text, talk and data. $70 a month for a year or two and then down to $45. Pretty sweet deal there. Looks cheaper than through a contract.

I wonder if Walmart is the right venue for this but they certainly have some marketing muscle. 

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  1. AHB Says:

    Leave it to Walmart to come up with yet another inventive idea.

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