How a 21st century comapny works – fix rules 24 hours after complaints

appleby A Guy Taking Pictures

POP charger Kickstarter alive again after Apple revises Lightning accessory rules
[Via AppleInsider]

With Apple adapting its Made for iPhone rules to allow charging accessories with both Lightning and 30-pin connectors, the POP charger Kickstarter project is now back online.


Now this is how a company should be run. Twenty-four hours after a well-funded Kickstarter project had to be canceled because of rules Apple had printed, the company changed those rules to allow the project to go forward.

This is how you deal with innovation. Someone came up with a cool idea that ran up against some  boilerplate. Instead of defending the boilerplate, it appears that Apple examined the relevant part, realized that it dd not matter anymore, and made changes.

All within 24 hours. This is what one might think of form a small company with a shallow hierarchy. Here we have one of the largest companies in the world.

That is how 21st century companies work. If they can’t they will not survive.