Apple’s Christmas ukelele ad striking in its simplicity

Apple’s Merry Christmas message from the fiscal cliff
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What better way to celebrate failures than to serenade loved ones, iPad to iPad mini?

FORTUNE — More than one TV viewer tuning in to CNN Friday morning for House Speaker John Boehner’s grim press conference was surprised to see it punctuated with a new, cheery, Christmas-themed Apple (AAPL) ad.

The spot, which has since gone into prime-time rotation, features a young girl with large hands and surprisingly accomplished ukulele skills serenading …


Not only is the singer talented and the Grandfather attentive but look at how sparse the ad is. The only words come from the single stanza of the song played on a simple instrument. Notice, no words, just a white background and the two people displayed on the tablets. Just the iconic Apple logo at the end.

The ad simply shows how the tablets work. That is all Apple needs to say.