New iTunes – cool but I’ll wait a little

Apple releases iTunes 11 with “dramatically simplified user interface”
[Via Ars Technica]

Apple released iTunes 11 via Software Update for OS X today. The update was previewed during a special media event in September and scheduled for release in late October. However, Apple delayed release until November in order to “get it right.”

iTunes 11 features what Apple calls a “dramatically simplified user interface,” with more visually striking views of the library. It also adds a redesigned mini-player and a new “Next Up” interface, where users can see what songs are queued up after the currently playing song. The iTunes Store is getting a reorganization, implementing design features similar to those seen in the App Store and iTunes Store on iOS 6. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, iTunes should now also have much-improved integration with iCloud.

“We can do Wi-Fi syncing to iTunes,” Cook said in September, “and now with iCloud, we can download content wirelessly and back up to the cloud… If you find a movie that you downloaded elsewhere, you can click it and it’ll start playing it from where you left off.”


I like what I am hearing but I have learned from experience that it is better to wait a week and make sure all the bugs are ironed out  when it comes to any new software.

Heck, I’m just now planning on upgrading to Mountain Lion ;-)