Firings at Apple — worrisome

Apple fires iOS 6 Maps chief
[Via AppleInsider]

Apple has reportedly fired the executive in charge of its widely ridiculed Maps application built in to the iOS 6 mobile operating system.


Another one bites the dust. WHile perhaps necessary, I am a little concerned about this. If the price of failure becomes losing one’s job, people will justly not do anything that might fail.

The standard approach in old-style management is to fire anyone who fails. This one is left only with winners.

Or course, the winners will be afraid to innovate but…

Is Apple falling into this trap? It has now had two big profile firings due to the failures of the leaders. I don’t remember Jobs doing this very often. ANd usually it seemed not to be connected

When he dealt with the MobileMe debacle, he canned the leader as a team chief but i don’t think the immediate response was a firing.

Perhaps there are other aspects going on here. But I really hope that they were not fired simply because they failed.

5 thoughts on “Firings at Apple — worrisome

  1. There is more to the firing than just that but this firing combined with the iPad Mini makes me believe Apple has jumped the shark.

    1. There is usually more to any big name firing but what is happening at Apple seems more like empire building along the lines of Microsoft, which does not bode well.

      Of course, it could just mean nothing. Apple is such a unique company that trying to figure out what is going on based on similarities to other companies is often a fool’s game ;-)

      As for the iPad mini, I think it will do quite well and might have a bigger impact than the iPad itself, as time goes on. One important aspect of Apple hardware is its longevity. It appears people are buying the iPad mini because of its price, ecosystem, etc. with the idea already that they will hand it down next year to another family member and get the new one. That is not something being heard much for competitors products.

    2. Empire building as in Cook trying to build an empire wit his loyalists?

      My only problem with iPad Mini and the thing that gives me pause is that the idea was proposed to Jobs and he turned it down because he thought the iPhone was an iPad Mini. You’re right about the uniqueness of the company though, that does make comparing it to similar companies a fool’s errand.

    3. My conspiracy theory is that the mini is actually what Jobs wanted but hardware and battery technology at the time made that impossible. So he convinced everyone that thee iPad was what everyone really wanted and that no one would make a 7 inch, hoping to slow down progress until Apple could create the mini.

      Love conspiracy theories ;-)

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