Here is the secret for the huge money pile Apple stores produce

apple store by bgreenlee

Why Apple stores are raking in bags full of cash and nobody can crack the code
[Via MacDailyNews]

“Apple’s stores are leading the retail industry in revenue per square foot, and none of its competitors seem to be able to crack the code,” Geoff Duncan writes for DigitalTrends.


The secret is provided in the first commen. Here is why nobody else comes close:

Cuz they have shit to sell that no one cares that much about.

Actually, the numbers in the article are interesting. Apple is not only #1 for revenues per square foot but is now in the top 10 for total revenues per store.

Since all the others in the top 10 are large retail stores, like Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus, this is pretty amazing. Apple is not that much beg=hind Walmart.

And what is interesting here is how far ahead Costco is. Each store brings in about twice as much as WalMart or Sam’s club.

Thin what would happen if Costco sold Macs or iPads?