Apple needs to develop an ‘arthouse’ publishing house

Nudity, e-books and censorship: How Apple became Big Brother.
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Nudity, e-books and censorship: How Apple became Big Brother.


I think this complaint is a little misguided although it brings up a good point.

You cannot find this book for sale at Amazon. At least I could not at either the US or UK stores. So Amazon is doing even mor to ‘censor’ things by not offering the book for sale at all.

Apple is doing no worse than Amazon so why the specific hate? well, Apple does provide the best experience for looking at high quality pictures. If you want high resolution photos to look at, Apple is the only real mainstream choice.

Where are the artistic ebooks that may be more for adults going to be found?

Not at Apple.And they won;t tell anyone if they will publish or not until AFTER the organization has spent large amounts of money. While there are open formats (ePub for example) they do not permit the richness that a iOS ebook or app can provide.

I don;t see this being acceptable, especially as time goes on and the importance of ebooks becomes more dominate.

But what if Apple created several different imprints for its book store, say ones devoted to children or young adults or adults. 

Apple could then have these books vetted in a different fashion and ‘published’ differently in a way that would be more appropriate. Perhaps it could even limit the access of some of them.

In a few years, you may not be able to find a brick and mortar book store. We need to have a path that does not require Apple or ATT to be the sole arbiter of what can be seen.

Otherwise, I can see Apple getting into some regulatory trouble.