Quickly finding out whether photos were fake or real

Meet the man behind “Is Twitter Wrong?” who helped debunk fake pictures during Hurricane Sandy
[Via PandoDaily]

Yesterday was a big day for citizen journalism. At one point during the storm users were posting 10 pictures to Instagram every second, and check out this dizzying website that displays in real-time every photo uploaded to Twitter with the tag #Sandy. But it was also a day for citizen and professional trickery. Fake photos and news spread across Twitter and, in the case of the fake news item about the New York Stock Exchange flooding, infiltrated the mainstream media. Perhaps a spot about traders making money off of underwater mortgages, then literally going underwater themselves, was too good to pass up. Some were easy to spot, like this shot of the Statue of Liberty lifted from the film “The Day After Tomorrow.” Others were harder. This picture of a flooded McDonald’s, for instance, which was, in fact, a photo of an art installation.


Cool article detailing how these guys were able to verify photos form Sandy. Some of the real ones are pretty amazing.

Yes all the ones with sharks are fakes.