Why we need to really worry about Sandy

Tropical Storm Irene Vs. Hurricane Sandy
[Via Eastern PA Weather Authority]

The purpose of this blog is to give the public an idea of how dangerous and destructive Hurricane Sandy has the potential to be. Tropical Storm Irene caused many problems for folks in northern NJ. Many rivers reached their water level capacity and this led to numerous floods and property damage to many homes. Besides residents along the immediate coast, winds were not an issue for the rest of us. It was mainly the flooding rain. Overall, there was billions of dollars in damage throughout the entire east coast that Irene left behind.


Very nice description with data and pictures.

Irene cost between $15 and $19 BILLION last year. This storm could be worse.

First, the steering currents allowed Irene to move rapidly through the region. Sandy is actually be blocked and will not move as fast. By combining with the cold front coming, she will become larger. She could hang around the region for two days dumping a tremendous amount of rain.

Next, Irene kind if skirted the coast, coming form the south and keeping storm surges from directly impact much of the coast. Sandy looks to make a direct hit.  Irene had a surge of 3-5 feet. Sandy may double that.
Rain could cause a lot of  flooding over Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.
And who knows how much snow.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks. Have a friend who’s flight to VA was cancelled, so she’s planning on flying into Charlotte and driving to Virginia Beach. I think it’s crazy. Plans to do that tomorrow.

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