Sandy could be nasty next week

Hurricane Sandy remains a Category 2, continues on its track toward the East Coast
[Via Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog]

Hurricane Sandy is tracking north through the Bahamas this afternoon as a Category 2 hurricane. Maximum wind speeds in the hurricane are 105 mph, with a minimum central pressure of 963 mb. Sandy’s center is moving through the eastern Bahamas, about 100 miles southeast of Nassau. The hurricane’s eye is still not apparent on satellite nor was it clear in the data from today’s Hurricane Hunter mission. Gusts in Nassau have reached 39 mph so far today as the hurricane approaches from the south. Buoys west of Nassau have been recording surface winds up to 39 mph, as well. On Abaco Island, just over an inch of rain has fallen today, and almost an inch of rain has fallen in Miami, where rain started last night.


I am glad I am nowhere near the East Coast next week. This storm could be huge by then, spreading its high winds over a large area. Waters are running about 5° higher than normal, providing lots of energy and rain for the storm.

in addition, a major cold front is expected to hit the coast at the same time. This perfect storm would also result in large amounts of snowfall at the same time a hurricane hits. Perhaps measured in feet.

There is also a full moon, which will increase the height of any storm surge. It could be worse than last year’s hurricane Irene, which produced more than $4.3 billion in losses, one of the top 10 hurricanes in damage. It might eventually cost over $15 billion.

Sandy could be worse.

Two mutli-billion dollar hurricanes in successive years.

We have to hope that this Halloween hurricane fools all the models.