A damn pickup truck towed the shuttle!!

It has created a microsite to publicize how a Tundra pickup will tow the shuttle across a bridge
[Via USA Today]

Toyota has cranked up the publicity machine when it comes to its planned towing of the space shuttle Endeavour across a Los Angeles freeway overpass with one of its Tundra pickup.

The automaker has created a pretty cool website devoted to its bit part in the move starting Friday. The decommissioned shuttle is on its way from Los Angeles International Airport, where it was dropped off by its Boeing 747 hauler, to its retirement home at the California Science Center near the city’s downtown.


How did I miss this?They needed to get the shuttle over a bridge above the 405 but the normal towing vehicles were too heavy.

So a sponsor, Toyota, seeing a great commercial stepped up with a stock Toyota Tundra.

Toyota’s involvement continues a partnership between the car company’s USA division and the California Science Center to provide support and awareness of the space program and education of the public through exhibits and programs. The pickup that will be used to two Endeavour will also go on display at the CSC as part of an interactive exhibit on the physics of leverage.

And here is the result:

And for you who worry about it being Toyota, here is a video they put together to show how much the Tundra – which is 75% of the parts are from North America – was designed, engineered and built here – in San Antonio. ANd it has some cool shuttle video:

2 thoughts on “A damn pickup truck towed the shuttle!!

  1. I think it was a mistake to use a toyota truck to allow them to make a commercial with the name on the side.
    I’ve used Chevy truck for almost 20 years and they have the most pulling power and heaviest springs I’ve seen.
    I haul roofing and have haul very heavy loads on my 1/2 ton truck.
    This was a fine opportunity to advertise our own American trucks.
    It makes me wonder if somebody made some under the table money.

    1. Toyota got the chance because they have actually been a very big sponsor of many of NASA’s activities over the last few years. It was a nice way for NASA to show their support. All Tundra trucks are made in America. The Toyota Camry is more American than the Ford 150. 70% of the cars Toyota sells in the US are made in the US. It is actually cheaper for them to make the cars here in the US than elsewhere.

      It is a very different world than it used to be. There are few companies that are purely American anymore and many foreign ones that could be called ‘American’ if we look at sales and manufacturing.

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