The continuing effects of Samsung’s treachery

Apple ‘gets serious’ about moving chip production away from Samsung – report
[Via AppleInsider]

The relationship between Apple and Samsung has moved from “love-hate” to simply “hate-hate,” according to a new report, which indicates that Apple is doing all it can to cut ties with its fierce rival.


By using their unique position as an early partner on the iPhone to copy the design, Samsung has not only lost at least $1 billion in penalties so far, they are in the process of losing something like $10 billion in sales to their biggest client.

Apple will do everything it can not to place its livelihood in the hands of one supplier. Apple has enough money, and need, to create its own manufacturing facility just for itself. The resulting economy of scale would allow it to continue to keep undercutting itscompetitors who must still use chips made piecemeal.