I’m quite happy with Maps in iOS6

Photos allegedly show native Google Maps app for iOS
[Via AppleInsider]

A set of images released on Sunday reveal what is claimed to be Google’s anticipated Google Maps app for iOS, suggesting the internet search giant is well into the process of developing standalone software after Apple ditched its mapping services with iOS 6.


Remember, every release of an Apple mobile product must be accompanied by some scandal. Antennagate. Signal strength, etc.

Now we have maps. I’ve used Maps and love it. It is vector-based so that I can zoom in or out immediately. Before it had to download new pictures.

But the big thing is turn-by-turn instruction. I can now find where I need to go by listening to the iPhone rather than having to look at it, something quite dangerous.

I’ve used this app now for a couple of weeks. It has been more helpful getting from here to there than the one based onGoogle’s data. I expect it will rapidly get better.